Sexy Jason And His Big Dick!Scene Long Description: Jason has a…

Sexy Jason And His Big Dick!
Scene Long Description: Jason has a lot of what we love. This quietly confident guy is into everything, he’ll try something at least once and see if he likes it, which is how he discovered he’s bi. He’s a sporty guy, and an artist, and he also happens to have a truly impressive 8 inch uncut cock that takes little work to get throbbing in his wanking hands!


First Name: Jason
Last Name: Domino
Age: 25
Race: White
Hair Type: Shaved
Body Type: Toned
Pubic Type: Trimmed
Short Description: Creative and incredibly sexy too, Jason is a new arrival to gay porn ready to impress
Long Description: There’s a lot to love about sexy Jason, this quite and timid guy is so softly spoken but he's confident too in a very easy and natural way. He’s bisexual, and discovered this when he walked into a gay pub one night and just went with it when a guy showed some interest. Oh, and he just so happens to have a big uncut cock too, bonus!


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