Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky LarkinScene Long…

Adam Jerked Off and Tickled By Ricky Larkin
Scene Long Description: Ricky Larkin has been hanging out again with me and when he saw Ricky he knew he wanted to get him tied up and tickled. So it wasn’t long before the two of us talked the muscle hunk into some tickle torture. Adam turned out to be super ticklish and everyone knows what happens when a sexy hunk is ticklish and I get my hands on him. Ricky and I ended up hitting almost every part of Adam’s superb body and of course his feet got the most tickling. Adam’s cock got stroked for a while too. Super hot!


First Name: Adam
Race: White
Hair Type: Brown
Body Type: Muscular
Pubic Type: Trimmed
Short Description: Straight personal trainer Adam works out hard and the proof is in his sweaty socks!
Long Description: Adam is a personal trainer, his muscular body is proof of that, and so are his ripe sweaty socks! He might be straight, but after a long day in the gym, even he can't resist a deep foot massage from Cameron… and a little more.


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