6'3" Seamus’ Size 13 Bare FeetWhen I first met…

6’3″ Seamus’ Size 13 Bare Feet

When I first met 6’3″ tall Seamus one of the first things he mentioned is that he doesn’t like to wear socks under his shoes. So when he and I got to know one another I didn’t hesitate to ask if he’d be interested in doing a shoot so he could show off his huge size 13 feet. Irishman Seamus is sexy from head to toes in every way. What a body, what a face – and he says he’s really ticklish!


First Name: Seamus
Race: White
Hair Type: Blonde
Body Type: Muscular
Stunner Seamus is an Irish hunk with huge size 12 feet – and they are ticklish as hell. This laid-back bro is super funny and nice and those feet of his are awesome.

Source: lovehairyboys.tumblr.com

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