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Turk And Krist Take Turns

Krist Cummings And Turk Mason
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Scene Long Description: This is what happens when you give two gorgeous and horny friends a camera and the privacy to get it on. Krist and Turk share their cocks and tight twinky butt holes in an epic display of what boys get up to together when no one is around – or sometimes when others are around too! The boys get their freak on in this great flip flop, and share hot cum loads too!



First Name: Krist

Last Name: Cummings

Age: 22

Race: White

Hair Type: Brown

Body Type: Slim

Short Description: Straight boy Krist is learning to appreciate hard cock and a hot cum load!

Long Description: Krist might be straight but this boy is like a lot of others when it comes to sex… if it feels good and he gets to cum a hot load, he’s gonna try it. Thankfully he seems to be getting used to the taste of cock and precum, and even seems to enjoy the feel of a dick in his ass these days too! Oh, and this boy can cum like a real porn star!


First Name: Turk

Last Name: Mason

Race: White

Hair Type: Brown

Body Type: Toned

Pubic Type: Trimmed

Short Description: Handsome young Turk is a willing and hung hottie ready to perform for the boys

Long Description: Turk has really come a long way since he started out. He’s a horny young man with a great cock and a horny attitude, and he’s one of those boys all the other guys really want to appear on camera with. He knows how to use his cock and ass to full effect, and that always results in an excellent performance.

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